Hi there!

If you’re reading this, then thank you so much, because you’re actually helping me to make some changes in my life so I can feel a little happier this year. It’s been quite a tough couple of months trying to settle into proper adult life after university, but now that I don’t have to worry about various pieces of coursework and deadlines (sorry if you’re still having to deal with all that, can’t say I’m jealous!) I can finally start doing the things I used to love. One of the things I used to love before uni work sucked the life out of me was writing. I’ve always loved writing stories and poems ever since I was little. I remember being told off various times for leaving giant blobs of ink on my bed sheets, due to writing furiously through the night! I even made a blog a couple of years ago specifically for my poetry. So this year I told myself I would get back into writing, and I thought a blog would be a great way to start being creative again, and maybe also be a good outlet for my emotions. So here I am, finally doing it after months and months of thinking about it, but not actually having the motivation to do it. Honestly it feels great to just be writing for me again.

So I’m starting off with a cliché post about resolutions. Now, I’m not one for really sticking to resolutions, but I do believe it’s a good idea to set goals and have something to work towards, and a new year is a good excuse to take a step back and rethink things. Now I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t achieve everything I set out to do in this post, because these things aren’t set in stone, and I don’t have to label myself a failure if I don’t complete them. Putting yourself down is counter productive and that’s not healthy in any way. Resolutions are simply a way of trying to get yourself motivated again, and to feel proud of yourself for just trying. To me actively trying is already an achievement.

So here’s a list of the changes I want to make in my life this year:

  • Write more – I want to post on this blog at least once a month. I want to write about any topic really, but mostly about how I’m coping as a ‘fake adult’ now that I’ve finished uni and I’m in a full-time job. I really do have lots to talk about on this blog; I want to talk feminism, careers, uni, what it’s like being in a same sex relationship and so much more. I just hope that others will want to read about it! I also want to continue writing projects I started a long time ago, and also come up with some new ideas for things I want to write. I’d love to be able to say I’ve published a book one day, that’s definitely on my bucket list.
  • Pass my driving test – I started driving lessons last year, and even passed my theory test. But life got in the way and I finished uni, moved house, started a new job and haven’t driven since summer. So I really want to get back into driving and pass my test this year, and I really want my own little car!
  • Get a cat – Anyone who knows me knows that I am a destined crazy old cat lady, and I am desperate to adopt my own little furball, ideally more like 5 little furballs, but I feel like my girlfriend is going to need more convincing.
  • Eat less meat – There’s been a lot of talk lately about how eating less meat is going to help the planet, and to be honest I’m terrified about what we’re doing to the Earth, but then again I’m terrified about most things! It may not solve everything but Tesco is right, every little helps, and I’m going to make a real effort to cut down on the amount of meat I buy and consume, even if it just makes me feel like a better person by doing my bit for the environment.
  • Work on my mental health – I feel like this is quite a stereotypical one, but mental health is a subject which is very close to me, and something I might even touch upon in a future post. But taking the time to work on my issues is definitely something I want to focus on a bit more this year.
  • Exercise – Again, this is probably a standard for most people, but all the chocolate and takeaways I’ve been consuming lately is making all the spots rise up and the rolls hang out! So maybe I’ll join the gym, go swimming…or maybe I won’t, so stay tuned.
  • Learn the ukulele- I bought myself a ukulele a couple of years ago and have barely touched it. I didn’t think much about it until I saw Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour on Netflix the other day, and watching her playing guitar honestly made me slightly envious of how talented she is and how I wish I could play an instrument ( I don’t think the recorder in primary school quite counts!). So yes I’m going to teach myself and amaze people with my skills…hopefully. It’s nice to have a new hobby anyway.

So those are the changes I want to make this year. I don’t know how many of you will read this post but I’ll ask anyway, because I want this blog to be a place of conversation and not just a monologue, but what are some of the changes you want to make this year? I’d love to know that we’re in this together, trying to make our lives better every day.

See you next month for something a little different.

Bekka 😊


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