Hello again readers!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like March has absolutely flown by. But that’s okay, because this is when the weather starts getting better, it’s light outside for the majority of the day and life just feels a bit brighter. Anyway, as the title of this post suggests, I’m not here to talk about the weather, I’m here to talk about how I went vegetarian for a month! Now you might remember in my first post on this blog I spoke about wanting to eat less meat (and fish), so I thought what better time to trial cutting out meat completely for a while, to see how doable it would be! Here are some examples of changes I made to my diet for each meal of the day:

  • Breakfast– Honestly I never really have an appetite in the morning so breakfast for me was pretty easy to get through regarding no meat! I’ll usually just have a cereal bar or a piece of fruit so this was pretty straightforward.
  • Lunch– I found this was the hardest meal to substitute meat for. For my lunch I usually have sandwiches/ wraps consisting of chicken, ham or turkey. Looking at the alternatives, I soon realised the only real option I had to switch meat out for was cheese (I’m not quite ready to be a vegan!). But being an acne sufferer I know that dairy makes my spots flare up a lot, so I didn’t really want to be eating cheese every single day. So I went back to my student days; I spent a lot of time making pasta, having ready made pasta pots etc. So in summary, making lunch sometimes became a lot more time consuming which isn’t the most ideal for me. I work full time Monday-Friday, so when I get home each evening I don’t really want to be spending ages making lunch for the next day when I already have so much to do.
  • Dinner– I knew dinner wouldn’t be an issue because I already eat a lot of Quorn products. I’m too scared to cook raw meat because food poisoning, so Quorn is just the easier option for me. So the majority of my meals were either bolognaise or chilli!

Going round the supermarkets it’s nice to see that the majority of the big chains have such a wide range of vegetarian products now, and products which are easy to make as I am certainly not a good cook! One thing I did note however, and maybe this is just because I’m not looking in the right places, is there are still not that many veggie options if you want to have a takeaway. McDonald’s for example, only has two main meal options which are vegetarian. It really surprised me, as I thought vegetarianism and veganism was so popular these days that the big fast food corporations would be creating more options to capitalise on this.

To sum up the month, all in all it did feel good being meat-free. I felt healthier and probably saved a lot of money doing it. I did however crave meat quite a lot and I admit I am back to eating it again. I’m not quite ready to be a fully-fledged veggie but I do want to cut down the amount of meat I eat, and now I know that it’s something I can do! The main thing putting me off being full on vegetarian at the moment is probably the lack of options for lunch, so if any vegetarians out there who work full time could advise me on what they eat for lunch that isn’t dairy or too time consuming I’m all ears!

In all seriousness, I think if we all cut down our meat intake, we’ll be doing great things for the planet. It does scare me when I read the news just how badly we are treating the Earth, and if I can do even the slightest thing I can to help then why not?


Thanks for reading, and see you all next month!

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