Hey guys,

I hope you all had a nice May, can’t believe we’re halfway through the year already! You may want to settle down for this post, because I wanted to give you a detailed life update. Quite a few changes have happened recently- some good, some not so good, but in a weird way everything has worked out for the best and is now moving forward. I appreciate that was a very vague introduction so let me explain further!

I’ll start with the good update- at the end of April I moved house! When I moved 6 months ago there wasn’t a lot of time to find somewhere to live as my girlfriend and I were moving down to start our new jobs in the next fortnight, so we settled for a flat at the last minute. To be fair the flat was nice enough, but it was constantly cold, quite dark and dingy as there weren’t many windows, and there was a serious mould problem in the bedroom -no matter what we did it just kept coming back! I’d always felt mentally better being in a house for some reason, and I also really wanted a cat- but we weren’t allowed any pets in the flat. So there were endless reasons for us to move, and so eventually we did! We are now proud tenants of a lovely house (just to note we are still renting, certainly nowhere near ready to buy a house haha). It’s not perfect – there’s still a lot of things we want to do in terms of tidying, buying furniture and utilising the space better, but I’m already so much happier here than I was in the flat; I fell in love with the place as soon as we stepped through the door. I may show you what all the interior looks like once everything is properly sorted out, but for now here are my favourite parts of the house!

The garden – It’s so nice to have a little bit of green space and somewhere to sit outside when the weather is nice.

I’d like to thank Faye for cutting the lawn because the grass looked like a jungle when we moved in!

Second bathroom – I’ve never lived in a house that has more than one bathroom (and I used to live in a family of five so you can imagine the frustration of never being able to get in there!) so this is such a novelty for me. 

The main bathroom also looks lovely and modern, and the shower is amazing!

Secondary bathroom
Main bathroom

The bedroom – no mould problem in here! Definitely don’t take that for granted anymore. I just love that the bedroom is a decent size and I feel so comfortable and safe in it!

Yes we have Pokemon and sloth plushies because we are a cool household!

The living room – again it’s such a nice size for us, and the French windows bring in so much light which is such a nice change from being in the dingy flat!



So as we are now in a nice new place, some of you may know that we have a new addition to our home! *insert no I’m not pregnant joke here*

We have a cat!!!

Meet Henry!




He’s almost 14 weeks old now, and is the sweetest little guy, despite peeing and vomiting on our bed in the first week we got him… We should have called him Shadow as he likes to follow us everywhere around the house. Anyone who knows me knows that having a cat is my dream, and I’m so happy that we have him! I’m hoping to get more little furry friends in the future but Henry is certainly more than enough to handle for now!

Okay, now that I’ve updated you with the good things going on in my life, now for the not so good thing – a couple of weeks ago I quit my job. This was something I had been considering doing for the last couple of months, and it certainly wasn’t an easy decision. I may go into all the reasons why in more detail when everything isn’t so fresh, but basically I was absolutely miserable. There were many things about my job and the company I was working for that I wasn’t happy with at all, and it was affecting everything, from my mental health to my home life. It just got to a point where enough was enough and suddenly the money wasn’t worth it anymore. The commute was also horrendous and so a decent amount of my money was going on travel anyway.  I’m not one to make a spontaneous decision when it comes to these things, I haven’t been unemployed since I was 16, and of course I have financial responsibilities; I have just started renting a new place and now also have a cat to look after. Luckily my girlfriend is a ridiculously supportive person; we sat down and figured out all the finances, and worked out we’d be okay for a bit on just her income. So, if I had any advice to give to anyone in a similar situation, I’d say work things out for the long term. If you’re in a situation where someone else can handle the finances for a bit and they’re okay with you leaving then do it, but of course talk to them first! Life’s too short to be stuck in a situation that is destroying you mentally and physically. Talk to the people around you; I asked so many friends and members of my family for advice about my situation and they all said pretty much the same thing and were very supportive about my decision.

Now that I’m not commuting over an hour to and from work every day, I’ve been able to find the time to sit down and apply for jobs, and also try and figure out what I want to do career wise. I’m happy to say I got a phone call from a recruitment agency yesterday and I’m starting a temporary admin job on Tuesday! It may only be temporary, but it’s still work experience for my CV for when a permanent job comes along. It’s so much nearer to where I live, and it means that I won’t have to worry about money for a little while at least. So am I glad I quit my job? Absolutely. It was terrifying but it was certainly the best decision for me.

I hope you found this life update interesting, please let me know if you did as I appreciate any feedback at all! Or if you want to tell me how cute my cat is that’s fine too 😉

See you next time!




  1. So happy that you are feeling settled and at peace. Hopefully you will just carry on going from strength to strength. Loving the new pad and all 3 of you seem very happy and settled. Loving the blogs keep them coming!! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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