Hey again guys!


I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend whatever you’re up to. I wish I could say I was having a relaxing Saturday, but I’ve got so much to do at the moment. Yesterday was my last day at the temporary job I mentioned in one of my previous posts, so now the search begins again to find another job. Fingers crossed I find something relatively quickly.

I realised this week that it’s been almost a year since I graduated from university, how time flies! So, I can’t help but think back to all the things I’ve done and achieved since finishing university, and I thought why not share everything I’ve learnt in the past year with you all? This university themed post was also partly inspired by my good friend Liv’s very honest post on ‘Things a Marketing Degree Won’t Teach You’ which you should definitely check out! I know there will be some of you that are graduating this year and might be wondering what’s in store, so let me give you some insight into twelve things I’ve learnt since graduating from university….


  1. It’s okay to come out of uni feeling completely clueless about what you want to do career wise. Remember that you’re only young and you’ve got time to figure things out along the way. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have everything worked out.
  2. Don’t be afraid to take risks. If that’s for a job, a relationship or even somewhere you want to travel or live, just go for it. What’s the point in playing it safe and being miserable for it? If you want to be happy in life you’ve got to go with what makes you happy, and usually that’s not the safe, easy option. And if it doesn’t work out the way you wanted then don’t regret trying, otherwise you would have spent the whole time thinking ‘what if?’
  3. Making time for the things you’re passionate about is so important. Having a full time job leaves very little time to do other things, and you spend most evenings and weekends feeling so exhausted that you just want to lounge about on the sofa watching Netflix. But that can get pretty boring, and personally I believe life should be about more than just working and watching TV. During uni I lost love for interests such as writing because I was constantly doing essays or exam preparation. Now that I’m not doing that anymore I’m slowly making more time for the things I love, and I’m so so happy that writing on this blog has been one of those things. It’s hard to sit myself down and write when I’m tired from a long week, but once you do it more and more it becomes easier. A career is important, but so is making time for other hobbies and interests; it makes life more fulfilling.
  4. Independence is expensive. I appreciate that I’ve been lucky enough to be able to move out of my family home, and I certainly don’t take that for granted. I know a lot of people move back home after university because they can’t afford their own place. I know now first hand how expensive renting is, even for two people splitting the bills between them, never mind if you want to do it alone. I’ll say one thing, council tax costs a bloody fortune, it’s ridiculous. General living is so costly and basically the Tories suck.
  5. A little self-care goes a long way. I didn’t realise just how much I was (and realistically still am) putting up with feeling insecure because of certain things I didn’t like about myself. I’ve since realised that I needed to look after myself because it’s been really affecting my confidence, especially at work. So now I ensure that I make time for things like using a moisturiser, putting cream on my face for my acne daily, and making a bit more effort with my hair and makeup. It’s already making a big difference to my confidence, and my skin is looking a lot healthier at the moment.
  6. Real friends will always be there for you no matter what. Moving away to a new area has its ups and downs, and that’s when you will learn the difference between the people who were with you just for convenience, and the ones who really do care and always have your best interests at heart. Those friends that you can be completely honest with, and whom will always have your back even in your worst moments, don’t let them go.
  7. Make time and effort for those friends. It can be way too easy to take your friends for granted, and as I already mentioned, having a full time job makes it hard to get out and do things. Some of my favourite memories from this year have been spent with friends; I’m always so happy and grateful to spend time with them once the travelling part is over. Distance is hard but it’s so worth making that extra effort to spend time with people you care about.
  8. Living with a partner can be hard work but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. You will argue over the stupidest things sometimes (usually to do with housework!), but the amount of fun times totally outweigh the number of fights. I’m still getting to know more about my girlfriend every day that we’re together, and I love that we can always be there to support each other through both the good and the bad times. I honestly wouldn’t want to live with anyone else.
  9. Getting regular exercise is vital to happiness and general wellbeing. Sitting at a desk all day every day has really got to me recently, and I haven’t felt the happiest about my general fitness. However, I’ve learnt that the littlest changes can make a big difference. Travelling to my temporary job meant that I’d walk for an hour every day, which really made me feel a lot happier and something I’d like to continue doing daily. My girlfriend and I have also been trying to make the effort to go on more walks to different green areas, and going to the park to kick a ball around. It’s insane how a simple 20 minute kick about can leave you feeling less stressed.
  10. A clean house makes a big difference to your mental health. Having health anxiety at uni was not fun; students just don’t understand the meaning of clean, so I certainly ended up resigning to a lower level of cleanliness. I’ve noticed since renting my own place that I’m still putting up with a lower level of cleanliness, but mess still makes me so stressed and unhappy, and I want to be proud of my home! Now that I’m making more effort do things like washing up more regularly or giving the kitchen a general clean, I’m so much happier in my space, and my health anxiety gets set off so much less.
  11. Make time for new adventures. After graduation I got stuck into the working life straight away, and haven’t even planned a holiday in for this year! I can’t remember the last time I visited somewhere new, and I want to start going on more trips, even if that’s just a day trip somewhere in the UK I’ve never been before. I don’t want life to be mundane now that I’ve joined the working world, and I certainly don’t want to look back and regret not seeing more of the planet.
  12. I’ve come a long way in a year, and I should be proud of myself for that. So much has changed in the past year, and I haven’t really stopped to appreciate how well I have managed to cope with all the new experiences that I’ve dealt with. This year has made me a much stronger person, and I’ve learnt so many new things. So far I’ve survived anyway!


I hope you enjoyed this little list, and I hope it inspires you in whatever you go on to do! I’ve learnt a lot recently, but I’m still figuring out how to navigate this crazy life every day, so maybe this time next year I’ll be able to add more to this list.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to sharing another part of my life with you next time.


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