The Things I Hate About Not Being Straight

I'm all for living freely, authentically and openly about not being straight these days, and I do my best to show this online. I want to keep reiterating to the world how it's just as normal to be in a relationship with a woman as it is to be in one with a man. I try my best to be loud and proud, but to be completely truthful, I'm still scared. I still worry about what people think of me because of my sexuality, and I still feel a bit of internal shame at times for not being society's definition of 'normal.' It's hard to admit this when I look at the messages I try to preach openly every day. I feel like a coward and a fraud, despite knowing the reason why I'm scared is down to the deep-rooted internal homophobia that has been beaten into each and every one of us all our lives by society. Don't get me wrong, I certainly wouldn't change who I am or who I'm attracted to if I was given the choice, but unfortunately there are some things I definitely don't enjoy about my life which links back to identifying as a non-straight person.